The Maldives Guide

Would you like to let your friends die of envy? Run and tell them “This year i’m going to The Maldives”.

The Maldives, officially “Republic of Malvides” is a country located in the ocean represented by over 1,200 beautiful islands. The capital is “Malé” and have a population of 104K residents.
The Maldives have a tropical and humid climate, which makes it an ideal and obligatory destination to people living in cold and boring cities. The Islam is the predominant and official religion.
• What to do in the maldives?
Malé: When you arrive to Malé, the capital. You will find many skyscrapers and alleyways that you will want to explore. You can find across the streets fresh sea products and many places to choose your reminder of your visit.

Afternoon in the hammock: You deserve it, it is the right place. In The Maldives, one of the best things you can do is to simply do nothing. Sit back in the hammock and enjoy the spectacular views… have you ever seen that turquoise water and totally white sand before? It is the exact moment to keep it in your memory.

Taste the “Mashuni”: If there is a typical food here, that is the “mashuni salad”. The tuna industry in the country of the atalones tranform the tuna salad in the usual breakfast of maldivians. Perfect and delicious mixture of tuna, coconut, chile, lemon and onion are accompanied with the traditional bread of the country, the “Roshi”, this will make your mouth melts.

Explore the famous holes in the sea: Diving in these crystal clear and free of pollution waters is a pleasure that we must give to the view. Turtles, sharks, rays and even the spectacular whale shark. The areas of diving have in some areas more than 4,000 meters deep, making it possible to all types of diving.

Night fishing & bioluminescence: Venture to fishing with local residents at night under the sky full of stars and if you see the water shine sometime, don’t panic, you’re not seeing anything unusual. In The Maldives a peculiar phenomenon, sea bioluminescent phytoplankton casts a fluorescent light in the night and can be seen perfectly in the dark night.

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